After 20 Years Of Genocide In Rwanda

This day is of sad memories, as the people of Rwanda remember their losses, it’s a day when they remember how the entire world simply watched as close to one million of the compatriots were killed in the most ferocious way.

However it is as well a day as we re-affirm the new direction of the country of forgiveness with regard to peace, for the good of healing the deep wounds on their hearts, for the sake of the country reconciliation. The Gacaca Courts have handled nearly all cases of criminals who came forward to and acknowledged their involvement plus crimes and requested for forgiveness. However make no blunder, the people who masterminded these horrifying crimes, people who fueled the assault, promoted as well as facilitated it, we should search for them until the even the last one is brought to proper justice. today the people of Rwanda can proudly say that they share the NEVER AGAIN just as the Jews and just as they do, never again shall we let down our shield, reduce our caution and even stop protecting our newly found mindset of RWANDAISM, it is a one people in a one country, united’ authored a consistent contributor when required to share the emotions as ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’ begins the yearly commemoration of the terrible Genocide on Monday, which was experienced across the entire country back in 1994.

The plane of President Habyarimana shot down by the rebels … murder the cockroaches! those untrue reports as well as stirring plus inflammatory messages flying across the country’s airwaves as soon as the presidential jet was brought down during its the final approach towards Kigali International Airport, by one of the air missiles that were fired by his very own soldiers in opposition to his peace talks held in Arusha, as it’s today correctly known. international radio stations such as the VOA as well as the BBC in just hours reported the mass murders that had began across the areas of Rwanda that were in the hands of the then governing regime.

National media within Rwanda informed the supporters of their regime to begin massively killing, they gave out machetes, long drafted lists were distributed of the target killing within Kigali plus in other town across Rwandan as well as the UN forces within the country, rather than being re-enforced were ultimately taken out, leaving thousands and thousands of Rwandans, tagged only for their ethnic history and also in a number of their political connection as well as prosecutions, to the cruel killing squads, that, when eventually chased out of the nation while they ran across the borders into Congo, they left close to one million people dead in their aftermath.

Those murderers however, most of them, continue to be camped outside in the wilderness as well as in the Eastern Congo mountains, still dedicated to return and complete the task they began in 1994 and also the FDLR evidently operates beneath the unspoken approval by the governess in Kinshasa. FDLR militias, who in reality are nothing but just a terrorist group, normally work side by side with the national army of Congo and has up to date been saved by the UN intervention force within Eastern Congo, that in huge contrast followed, what has today been perceived as pro-Rwandan militias, with a payback a year ago, removing all the stops to complete them off entirely. Yet again, and I’m not alone in stating this, has the United nations failed Rwanda through acting selectively as well as through showing evident bias towards the enemies of Rwanda, enemies that stand charged with the most revolting crimes against mankind, back in 1994 and ever since then through imposing from time to time savage treatment on the people of Congo as well as the people of Rwanda living in exile within Eastern Congo they believe don’t foot their line.

Having witnessed and experienced up close in June 1994, the distressing effect these large killings had on the peaceful Rwanda people, who were beaten down, put to death, shot, bombed as well as burned by crazy unhappy opponents who simultaneously killed babies, young children, women, boys, the elderly as well as men, close to one million people, it’s with some level of shock, even for myself being a pretty frequent visitor into the country, which I write about today. Two decades following a morning broadcast by BBC service in Africa published the news as I was in my bed in Uganda’s capital Kampala to see the broadcast of Focus on Africa, I am in shock about how Rwanda rose from its ashes, I’m still in shock about how the today’s Rwanda stands a number of heads over her neighbors with regards to infrastructural developments, anti-corruption policies, traffic discipline, economic progress as well as security. I stay in shock how Rwanda has rendered tourism a primary sector, percolating rewards down to the grassroots, has greatly invested in the advancement of her state airline and it was the very first African country to allow all citizens of the African Union member countries Visa on entrance. I am in shock how Rwanda has managed to transform the genocide sites into museums, memorial sites and monuments, demonstrating that an agonizing history is nonetheless history and therefore is to be maintained alive for generations to come and also for the existing generations, the people of Rwanda produced pre and post the genocide not to mention the visitors traveling from overseas. Several people today make a pilgrimage of this kind, just like the way international visitors still visit Nazi concentration camps the place where they go to pay their respect to the deceased. I stay in amazement as Rwanda implements her innovative forestry policies that have seen forests such as Nyungwe as well as Gishwati restored re-cultavated as well as intensely protected while in other nations in the region and far are still battling with this. I remain in awe how the country has adopted information technology just as a couple of other African countries and it’s no wonder that Rwanda has turned into an information technology hub on the African continent, other than being named as a country in which beginning a business and conducting business is ranked among the finest on the planet.

My eyes aren’t closed to the difficulties Rwanda faces however being governed as a well known ‘Rwanda Incorporated’ nation is on the right course and economic development, coupled with a robust, principled as well as disciplined leadership through the echelons of the government, will in the future without doubt prove all critics wrong and then her friends right.

My sympathy is out to all the natives of Rwanda, including the countless friends, while they commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the terrible genocide and, as a country united, move together and preserve the memories of those brutal 100 days.

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