Rwanda Tourism On The Right Track

Former Archbishop of Canterbury says ‘Rwanda on right track’

George Leonard Carey the former Archbishop of Canterbury during his visit has described the country as a happy and rapidly developing country following its positive response to the post-Genocide issues. Carey made these remarks yesterday, right after he had given a politeness visit to President Paul Kagame at Urugwiro Village within Kigali.

He had last visited Rwanda back in 1995, right after the Genocide in 1994 against the Tutsi people, and he mentioned that this country had considerably improved ever since that time.

He went on to say that this country has reacted wonderfully. It is currently vibrant and it is recovering from all the miseries of what actually happened during those dreadful days. Currently this is a strong and confident nation that is taking the right direction.  Rwanda is currently booming with development and tourism especially. Gorilla trekking is synomymous with Rwanda Safari Tours.

During the past Twenty years, Rwanda has preserved a growing economy-at nearly 8% yearly development on average over the last 10 years and with exceptional signals in the simplicity of conducting business as well as battling corruption.

Tearfund for the poor

Carey the Archbishop of Canterbury from who served from 1991 up to 2002, had traveled to his meeting with the President of Rwanda Mr. Kagame by associates of Tearfund, a charity based in the UK that helps the poor communities within over Fifty countries, among which was Rwanda.

The Rwanda Minister for Local Government, Mr. James Musoni, informed the media that this meeting was typically concerning thanking the President of Rwanda for leading this country to development throughout the past Twenty years.

Musoni went on to say that Tearfund operates poverty reduction initiatives within fifteen districts inside the country, including activities of farming plus battling against violence based on gender.

Carey praised the “pro-people method of governance” implemented by the government and urged the president to stay on course.

He added that a president is meant to serve the people. It is the local people that matter and that must be up most within his mind as well as he is certain it is.

Also existing in the meeting was the Rwanda Archbishop of the Anglican Church Onesphore Rwaje.

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