What To Pack On A Safari To Rwanda, Tips For Women

It is obvious that Rwanda is a secure destination for all travelers including women. This is certain to those taking a safari guided by an experienced tour company that has several years of practical experience in offering safe trips to visitors. We are credited for offering safe as well as traditional cultural safaris into Rwanda as well as Uganda in which visitors have an opportunity of interact with the peaceful friendly people.

Prior to embarking on your tour to this country rich with culture also known as “the land of a thousand hills”, it is crucial that you get to understand the different “do’s” plus don’ts”. In relation to the ladies, you will find special practices that are culturally needed from them in this amazing nation including:-

Safari Clothing For Women and design: The majority of Rwandese women (particularly those living in towns) are more mindful with regards to fashion as well as dressing. Wearing second-hand clothes from the US doesn’t stop them from retaining their outlook beautiful and presentable. During a safari in Rwanda, a woman tourist is recommended to put on clothes which cover-up all her thighs as it is not culturally good to put on short clothes in public places. A number of the clothes which are culturally recognized well within the county consist of jeans, Khaki trousers, skirts as well as dresses. Always endeavor to be on the traditional side when selecting what to wear in Rwanda


Jewelry: During a safari, visitors are recommended to prevent wearing any gold jewelry, diamond rings, plus necklaces as well as other related belongings in public. This is to prevent luring opportunists while on your Rwanda Safari.


Money Purse: do not carrying your handbag freely in your hands when in busy areas of Rwanda for safety reasons. Put the purse over your shoulder and maintain your hands over it retaining it to your side. It will help to safeguard the bag from people with motives of snatching it. When attempting to get into some buildings such as supermarkets, you may be instructed to offer your purse for examining and don’t hesitate to abide.


Passport: Always carry with a copy of your original passport rather than the original due to the lengthy process involves when replacing it. Keep your originals in a secure place where it’s impossible to easily obtain access to. This is applicable to all the other travel and identification documents as well as credit cards.


Carrying mobile phones: Visitors can acquire a mobile phone locally at approximately USD 15 – 25 so as to remain in contact with their people back home as well as their Rwandan friends.


Private walking: Visitors can choose to take a walk within Kigali during the day. But, it isn’t recommended to walk during the night and if you should, move with someone, if possible a Rwandan. When walking, remain on the main road and keep away from isolated places such as slums.


Rwanda Nightlife:Nights are usually safe for ladies to even go dancing. However, go with somebody to remain on a safer side. A Rwandese friend can do you well through the entire night.


Meals and Restaurants: You must understand some useful social norms of Rwanda with regards to eating and selecting where you can enjoy a meal from. Avoid eating from areas you aren’t well familiar and try to think about the hygiene of the locations you intend to eat from. Do not eat raw cabbages or even salads except if it is in a nice hotel or even restaurant.

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