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With over a population of ten million people, Rwanda is recovering from the devastating genocide which has been one of the worst in the world in the 20th century. This claimed the lives of over 900,000 people in 1993. Despite being one of the poorest countries in the world, Rwanda has one of the best organized health care systems in Africa.

For $2 a year, all citizens are able to obtain health care insurance. The actual cost of health care for every citizen is between $14-20. Half of this is footed by the government and the other comes from international donors. There is an organized network of health care providers including district and referral hospitals as well as local health clinics. Referral hospitals only provide health care when patients have been referred there from the local health clinics and district hospitals. These are 3 and they include University Teaching Hospital, University Teaching Hospital of Butare, of Kigali and King Faisal Hospital all located in Kigali. However King Faisal being a public-private hospital also provides health care to private patients, those with private insurance as well as those referred from the other referral hospitals.

There is only one medical school which is located in Butare and this is part of National University of Rwanda (NUR). The medical school was recently shifted from Ministry of Education to Ministry of Health as a way to better align the training of the medical students with the health needs of the country. There are also plans of putting up a new campus in Kigali and the three hospitals will serve as teaching hospitals for the medical students under this plan.

Here is a list of hospitals found in Rwanda according to their regions. These include the following; Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Kigali (CHUK), Muhima hospital, Kanombe military hospital, Ndera hospital, Kacyiru police hospital, King Faisal hospital, Masaka hospital and Kibagabaga hospital. All these are located in the city centre Kigali. Located in the northern region are; Ruhengeri hospital, Butaro hospital, Ruli hospital, Kinihira hospital, Rutongo hospital Nemba hospital and Byumba hospital. In the east of Rwanda you will find; Rwinkwavu hospital, Kibungo hospital, Gahini hospital, Ngarama hospital, Rwamagana hospital, Nyagatare hospital, Kiziguro hospital, Nyamata hospital and Kirehe hospital.


Coming to west you will be greeted with hospitals such as Shyira hospital, Kabaya hospital, Gisenyi hospital, Kirinda hospital, Kibuye hospital, Mibirizi hospital, Murunda hospital, Gihundwe hospital, Kibogora hospital, Muhororo hospital, Mugonero hospital and Bushenge hospital. Lastly 12 hospitals will be found in the south including Kabgayi hospital, Kibilizi hospital, Kaduha hospital, Nyanza hospital, Kigeme hospital, Gitwe hospital, Munini hospital, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Butare (CHUB), Kabutare hospital, Ruhango hospital, Remera-Rukoma hospital and Gakoma hospital. All these hospitals mentioned can give you a picture of the health system in Rwanda.








Main Hospitals / Grands Hopitaux Rwanda

King Faisal Hospital, Tel: +250 582421,
585397, 582469, Fax: +250 583203,

CHUK, Tel:  +250 575406/575555/575150/
575462, Fax: +250 576638,

Polyclique du Plateau, Tel: +250 578767,
Fax: +250 572125, E-mail

Ophthalmology / Ophthalmologue

Clinique Ophtalmologique, Tel: +250 571143.

Opticians / Opticiens

DK Optica Avenue du Commerce, (041) 571804.

Nu Vision Optical, City Plaza Avenue du Commerce.

Kigaloptic, Rue de Lac Ihema, (Building Ets Ndamage), Tel:  +250 573041, Fax:  +250 573041,

O.P.A Pharmacies  s.a.r.l, Tel: +250 511089, 575389, Fax:  +250 574749

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