Rwanda volunteering

Volunteering is very wide spread culture in the world and this is one of the ways vulnerable people and communities have been able to benefit from other better privileged communities or individuals. People who get the opportunity to volunteer get the satisfaction of incorporating service into their own lives as they make a difference in the community. It allows both travelers and expats to get involved in a cause, meet locals who have big untapped ideas and big hearts, get to know more about the country they are in as they impact positively on the lives of people.

This is not work for the lazy or the money hungry but people who desire to give and sacrifice their time to get involved in the community. If you are that kind of soul, you will not regret volunteering in Africa’s small nation Rwanda. Below are some of the volunteer progam companies you can contact and enjoy your time in Rwanda.

Drakkar Creative Boost

Drakkar creative boost is a movement that sprung from a Rwandan social enterprise called Drakkar. The company distributes books to students, teachers and anyone else in the country that is in need of books. Drakkar creative boost visits various schools around Rwanda organizing fun and creative afternoons with the aim of creating creativity in the school children at a tender age. It is thought that this will enable them to critically think and solve problems later in their lives and at the same time be creative models to others in the country.

FAV-Rwanda Transit Center

These are working hard to free vulnerable children from the streets. They engage them in activities like dancing thus keeping them busy and this has enabled these children to avoid engaging in unlawful practices like theft in order to make ends meet. This center gets some funds from Luxembourg. This is a very good place to volunteer and get to learn some Kinyarwanda as well



Generation Rwanda

This is an NGO based in Kigali Rwanda whose aim is to lend a hand to orphans and other socially vulnerable young people to pursue a university education by offering scholarships. This NGO has four full time volunteer positions (English Language Instructors, Technology Associate, and Career Development Associate) you can get involved in and these are filled on a yearly basis. They can also always use help with specific projects and trainings throughout the year. There is one of their biggest projects which requires as many hands as possible and this is their student selection process.

Kinamba Project

This project is a school in Kigali that was initially put up by the local community to enable the most vulnerable children get an opportunity to go to school but as of now it is now being supported by a former head teacher in the UK called Meg.

This project is in need of volunteer teachers to work in the classes alongside Rwandan colleagues as well as training the teachers and assistants in participatory teaching and learning, particularly in science and mathematics. If you love are in love with volunteering especially working with the young this is an ultimate destination. The project is very open to new ideas.

Rwandan Orphans Project

This is an orphanage and a place many formerly street children call home. It is located shortly past the airport and it provides clothing, shelter, food, education and health to its children. Over 100 vulnerable children live here. Music, art, social work, theraphy skills and computing have all found their way here by many volunteers and you could be just another who brings something exciting and beneficial to the community here.


This one mainly focuses on assisting vulnerable patients by providing them with meals as well as visiting them. This is a very important aspect n the recovery journey of an individual and it would be very interesting volunteering here.


This one deals mainly with women regardless of their age, nationality, ethnicity, or religion. Vulnerable women in particular are at the fore front particularly genocide survivors, women living with HIV/AIDS and other critical illnesses; victims of gender-based violence and oppression; grandmothers, single mothers, and orphan girls heading up households; as well as widows. Over 300 women are currently being served with micro-financing, regular trauma counseling, skills training – including a embroidery, sewing, and quilting program plus lots of other educational programming. You will have fun here but only female self motivated volunteers over the age of 25 are accepted here.

Volunteering for a good cause is one way to grace your soul. See you in Rwanda soon!


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