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Many people love to attend Rwanda weddings,and so many questions have been asked on how they do.The most exciting aspect about this country is that people always wed,although the best months for this event is November and December.Marriage in Rwanda has three steps;the first one that is done is the traditional wedding where the couple has to get the consent of parents to allow them get married,and the second one is the church or civil where man and woman are united with God in Matrimony.I happened to attend a Rwanda wedding and this what i have to share with you so that next you are invited,you just have to go.

Early Saturday,the bride was taken to the salon to get dressed and my friend and i had to put the traditional wear of Kinyarwanda.That is commonly known as mushanan,you may be wondering how this is made and how it looks like.Its designed out of a silk material well matched with a long wrap skirt in addition to a sash that covers the shoulder.Rwandan woman can make you love this attire and its usually put on formal ceremony such as the wedding.Many countries like Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania have adapted this style and its also worn on their occasions.

The most interesting bit about Rwanda wedding is that its always held at an aunt’s residence,Its organized with tents,chairs along with a special tent for the bride that is designed with leopard print material along with beautiful well decorated baskets and other handicraft.The tents are set up opposite the different families to enable them get to know each other.

rwanda wedding

My friend and i were ashed in and we sat in the best position that enable us to see all what was going on,at this time,heads of the different families in particular men went a head to discuss why really their children would get married and there after families were introduced and in appreciation,there was the exchange of presents that made them feel at home.At this juncture,the groom was introduced by the aunt to the congregation which was followed with the giving of dowry to the girl’s parents.The dowry is in the form of cows that shows how worth their daughter is.

Later on,we were surprised by the bride’s procession,she was escorted by women both young and old,They come with gourds of milk that were to be given to the groom’s family along this were traditional dancers that made the all occasion is beautiful.The bride was in a beautiful gold mushanan along with her bridal team that carried the gifts to the groom’s family.Traditional has it that four spear men have to guard the bride.After that the bride and groom were ashed in their special tent which showed that the two were ready to get married in church.A lot dancing and eating followed the event till people got tired  and went home.It was such a great event and its something i would love to have on my introduction day.

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