Congo Nile Trail

This is a trail along Lake Kivu which extends from Rubavu and continue through Rutsiro via the famous district of Nyamasheke and Karongi and ends in Rusizi district. It’s 227km with beautiful land scapes, including clean water as well as rolling hills. This entire trek can be completed in 10 days and it can also be done in sections if the tourists don’t have time to complete the whole trail. These trails also give stunning views of the lake coastline and it offers the travellers an exciting way to discover Rwanda.

congo nile trailThe trail can also be completed in 5 days as you enjoy rich views and cultural experiences along the way. This is an experience worth selling to those who normally crave an off the beaten path adventure. It was officially opened in 2009 as a way of diversifying Rwanda’s tourism activities which consists of networks of roads running from Gisenyi to Cyangungu which is found in the southern side of Lake Kivu. There are many attractions found in these two areas which range from forests, valleys, hills, villages as well as local towns. The trail offers tourists an experience of the villages of Rwanda and the sounds of nature especially from the many bird species that can be sighted along the site.

This trail can also be explored using various means which include cycling, walking as well as motor cycling. All these means have got advantages as well as disadvantages and they depend on individual preferences and opinions.  Walking can be hard especially moving up the hills and cycling may be much better since you easily move to any place of interest in the trail from the wide paths to the narrow paths. With motor bikes, it gives you less time to explore the trail as well as its attractions.

For all the tourists who are interested in hiking, Rwanda is safe and secure and these will require less supplies to take them through the whole journey. You will need a guiding map, porters to carry for your luggage, English speaking guide, as well as enough information about the trail from Rwanda Development Board.



The trail options include many different paths and duration options which can be used in the Congo Nile Trail. The first option is also from Gisenyi as you head south and it ends in Kamembe. This trail can also be completed in 5 days on a well maintained bike. The other options include using Gisenyi to Kibuye path which can be completed in two days or a day. This best works for the travellers who don’t have too much time.

Packaging for the trail includes; packing drinking water and snacks in the back packer since it might take 5 to 10 kilometres to reach the villages were you can be able to buy water and snacks. This can happen when you happen to trek remote areas with hills and forests.

With Accommodation facilities, the trail has over 8 serviced campsites that were set up by Rwanda development Board and these don’t require booking in advance. The area has also got many guest houses especially in major towns and campsites in the local villages which are mainly linked to orphanages and schools. Tourists are advisable to have their own tents as well as sleeping bags, and these can be hired through Rwanda Development Board and many other operators who have gears to hire.

The major guest house along the trail include; Kinunu guest house, Home saint Jean guest house, Bethaine guest house, peace guest house, as well as Kibogora guest house. All these are not so expensive and range from 5000 – 30,000 Rwandan Francs, these include accommodation, bicycle rentals as well as meals.

With biking the trail as an option, you are required to get the right bike which will match with your desires and needs. The bikes are available for hiring in Gisenyi and these might be some how expensive especially the giant mountain bikes. In case you don’t hire, you can carry your own bike with spare parts and carry out the trail drive. The main equipment’s which are needed a successful trail trek include; sleeping sack, spare parts for the bike or motor bikes, clothes, sun glasses, toiletries, dust mask, water, scarf or sweater, snacks, drinking water and many more.

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