Dian Fossey Tomb in Volcanoes National Park

Dian Fossey Tomb in Volcanoes National Park

Dain Fossey was found murdered in the bed room of her own cabin in the Virunga Mountains of Rwanda in 1985. This woman was widely known as a researcher of these endangered mountain gorillas and it’s believed that these primate species are only 400 remaining in volcanoes national park. Dian Fossey Diary which was found in her cabin read “when you realize the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and concentrate on the preservation of the future.”

Dian fossey’s skull had also been split open with a machete which is a tool used by poachers to kill and hunt the mountain gorillas with in the park, the poachers of the area where Dian Fossey was staying had her killed to make their lives much more easier and to continue with their work of poaching. The cabin had lots of valuables like dollars, checks, which were left un touched by the poachers.

Dian Fossey is today buried next to her dead gorilla friends which were mostly killed by the poachers who killed her. Memorial services were held in Washington D.C, California as well as New York.

dian fossey hike

Dian Fossey Tomb Tour/Hike

Trekking this tomb is one of the most adventurous activity after gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park. This trek also involves a 30 minutes’ drive from the headquarters of the park to Dian Fossey tomb. You will then access the Karisoke research camp where the visitors walk for 10 minutes to the park boundary to be able to start the trek.

The walk to the research Centre where Dian foeesy’s tomb is located from the park boundary is about 1 hour and half and you can get to enjoy good views of the forest hogs, elephants, bird species as well as elephants.

This hike is an incredible experience which is emotional, physical as well as intellectual. The hike is also inspiring in learning about some individual who dedicated her life at taking care of the mountain gorillas. This hike involves moving through the forests as well as hiking up the slopes so this activity requires high degree of fitness and patience. At the real site, you will find the cabin where Dian Fossey was murdered in 1985 and later view the real place where she was buried just next to her favorite gorilla Friend Digit and many other mountain gorillas which were killed by poachers or were killed for other reasons.

There are many animals which can be encountered while doing this hike like forest hogs, buffalos, and monkeys so it’s advisable to keep eyes open to be able to view these species. After, you will descent back to the trail which takes around 1 to 2 hours.

Some of Dian Fossey interesting facts

Dian Fossey who was an American primatologist and studied different gorilla groups in their habitants for over two decades was born on January 16, 1932 and died in December 26, 1985. Some of the facts about this great primatologist include;

  • Dian Fossey had great love for animals and wanted to study veterinary medicine from the beginning.
  • Dian Fossey studied chemistry and later transferred to occupational therapy and graduated with a B.S in 1954.
  • She also met with anthropologist Louis Leakey while having a vacation in Africa at Olduvia Gorge
  • She again met with Leakey and the wife while touring Louisville on a wide lecture tour.
  • She quit her job in 1966 after Leakey accepted to fund her research with mountain gorillas in Africa
  • She was determined to remove her appendix so as to show her determination to Leakey for carrying out research about Mountain gorillas.
  • She studied Swahili and primatology as she waited for her visa to Africa and she arrived in Nairobi in 1966.
  • She studied the mountain gorillas from Volcanoes National park of Rwanda.
  • In 1967, she founded the famous Karisoke Research Centre which is located in Volcanoes national park.
  • She also shared a lot with the autistic children who taught her skills that helped her to make gorillas more comfortable.
  • Leakey sent three primatologists to be able to study apes in their habitants including Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey and Birute Galdikas.
  • Dian fossey wrote a book named “Gorillas in the mist” which was for the study of gorillas at Kariskoke Research Centre.
  • The same book of Gorillas in the mist was made into a film which is still selling up to now.
  • In 1985 on December 27, she was found dead in her own cabin from a machete blow to her face.
  • Up now, it’s still believed that she was killed by the poachers, however, the case has never been solved up now.

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