2 Days Gorilla Tour Rwanda

Gorilla tracking safaris: 2 days

If all you have is two days free and yet you really want to track some gorillas in Rwanda, the two day safari is just the thing for you. Book your tour, and gorilla permit and let us arrange a short but exciting gorilla safari for you.

The two day safari gives you the opportunity to go gorilla trekking in the Volcanoes National Park, even if all you have is just a couple of days to enjoy the scenery, the gorillas, and the tracking adventure.

Here’s how you will spend your two days;

Day 1

On day one after arrival, you will be taken on a simple but exciting tour of Kigali as you make your way to Kinigi and the volcanoes national park by car. You will enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. The vibrant city life, the colorful markets, the genocide memorials are some of the things you’ll see in Kigali. Afterwards, you will you will be taken to the park, and of course settled into a lodge where you will spend the night.

The volcanoes national park is dominated by the virunga volcanoes which provide a very picturesque backdrop. There are some great photo opportunities here. The park stretches across the foothills of the Virungas volcanoes and that is how it comes by its name. It is well known for being the place where famous scientist Diane Fossey spent over 20 years studying gorilla behavior.

It is full of trees, and plants some of them quite exotic.
Gorilla tracking hikes are generally tiring and you need to be a bit fit to climb through the forest as you track the gorillas. But that doesn’t in anyway make them less worthwhile and exciting.

Day 2

Gorilla Trekking

On day two, you will start off your morning with an early breakfast, and then head to the park offices for a short briefing on what to expect and how to conduct yourself as you enjoy your tracking adventure. Afterwards it’s off into the forest tracking mountain gorillas. The vegetation on the Virungas is quite dense and exciting to navigate through, you will enjoy some birding as you go along, and see some other animals such as elephants, buffaloes and the ever elusive golden monkey.
You can take some amazing pictures to document your adventure.

When you eventually encounter the family of gorillas, you will know it was all worth the effort. Just watching them go about their life is a magical experience.

These are habituated gorillas so you have nothing much to fear from them, just listen and do as your guide instructs, take some great photographs and enjoy the gorillas.


The time spent with the gorillas is limited. Afterwards, you will track back to the park, enjoy a meal at your hotel or lodge and soon be on your way back to Kigali and to the airport to catch your flight and head back home. Our guide will be with you all the way.

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