Water Sports Rwanda

Water sporters can greatly benefit from the informative weather site which provides safety as a high priority. Also good timing with respect to the changing wind can also be vital. In order to help you plan a good schedule in the face of the wind’s variable nature, there is need for a reliable forecast that also takes into account the uncertainty of the massive prediction. This is also because no one wants to be surprised by a heavy thunderstorm or an active weather front.

Rwanda is one of the few places in East Africa were water sports is encouraged and practiced, the best places to do water sports  are Lake Muhazi, Lake Kivu, as well as lake Ihema. Lake Kivu is a perfect place for practicing water sports like fishing, canoeing, kayaking as well as boat rides. This lake has sea side atmosphere as well as temperate climate which is so conducive to the visitors.

water adventure rwanda kivuMany waterside hotels have got their water sports equipment’s for renting, reservations as well as booking can be made directly through the front desk.  Lake Kivu can also be enjoyed throughout the year and the other hotels in Karongi offer water sport activities as well as equipment’s through community business. Lake Kivu Serena also offers guided kayak tours when demanded.

Jambo beach is also located 60 kilometres east of Kigali in Lake Muhazi. Just along the banks of the water are long boats which are driven by local guides who grew up on the shores and also teach the travellers about the many ways and history of the area. Lake Ihema also has also got boat safaris as well as fishing.

Lake Kivu alone is the largest of the many fresh water bodies found in the valleys of Rwanda, it’s a mighty get way for many Rwanda’s residents, you can take a leisure ride along the western shoreline of this beautiful country on the Munezero tourist boat from Gisenyi to Kibye and also to Cyangugu town. There are also the lakes of Burera as well as Ruhonda which are so close to gorilla tracking centre of Ruhengeri, these have deep blue waters which are ringed with steep hills and tall waterfalls and virunga Volcanoes providing vibrant and spectacular back drop.

Lake Muhazi is just 1 hour and half drive from Kigali city and is one of the country’s scenic treasures. It’s found in the eastern province of Rwanda and is ideal for a day trip away from the capital city, here you can enjoy fresh fish as you watch the sun set over the small boats along the shores of the lake. Akagera national park alone has over 10 lakes, some of these are watering havens for the cattle and others are for bird watching.

Rwanda’s lakes also offer visitors a glimpse into the ancient African life styles like fishermen plying the water with the dugout canoes which is unchanged in design for many centuries, here the ladies smoke traditional wooden pipes and troubadours.  The bird life here is so amazing and some of the bird species include; pelicans, crowned cranes, jewel like malachite king fisher’s hawk. Etc.


There are three resort towns which are so impressive and these include; Gisenyi, Rusizi and Karongi, these stand on the littoral, and are connected by a wild roller coaster road which passes through lush plantain fields and the patches of misty rainforest which offer sweeping views over the blue waters. Rwanda Development Board also provides boat service on the lake which connects the three towns.

Gisenyi town is one of the most developed of all the three resorts and is just an hour drive from Volcanoes national park, its set on a sandy beach lined with swaying palms and modern hotels which provide an atmosphere of the tropical languor. Karongi has stunning beaches and guest houses which overlook pine covered hills which are seemingly transplanted from the Alps. Rusizi which is also close to Nyungwe national park is also characterized by a stirring setting of the inlets winding into a narrow valley. Rwanda’s mountains also provide a stunning view or the weekend gate ways.
Water sports in Rwanda and lake activities including; kayaking, fishing, boat rides, canoeing on all the lake above are great activities to the tourists, there are also leisurely bike rides which are carried out alongside the Nyarutarana Lake in Kigali city also provide good and sunny afternoon.

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