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Flights to Rwanda

The majority of our travellers reserve their flights in to Rwanda and there are some really affordable flight rates. In case you would prefer to organize your own flights, or intend to reserve with air-miles, then go ahead and do so. In the event you organize your flights into Rwanda, then the local agents will happily make all the necessary ground arrangements.

Traveling from London

The simplest as well as most direct way to arrive in Rwanda is by flying directly from London into Kenya’s capital Nairobi, and then linking to Kigali in Rwanda. Fortunately Kenya Airways runs an overnight flight into Nairobi that leaves London Heathrow each evening, reaching Nairobi in the morning at around 06:30. From there it connects straight to a forward Kenya Airways flight into Kigali where it normally arrives at around 10:30.


An additional option is flying from London into Nairobi and then connecting to Kigali. there are daytime flights by British Airways into Nairobi which leaves London Heathrow each morning, reaching Nairobi in the evening normally at around 20:55 .


Following an overnight stopover in Nairobi (usually we recommend at Macushla House), then you can connect through a flight with Kenya Airways to Kigali the next morning. The morning flight normally sets off at 7:45am, and arrives at 8:10am in Kigali. However there are also later flights in the day, one leaving at 12:30pm and then the other leaving in the evening, at about 22:15pm.


On reaching the airport within Kigali, you will be received by your travel guide, who will remain with you for the entire time period of your vacation. Traveling from Kigali, to any of the lodges can be arrived at by road transport, even those in Nyungwe Forest and Volcanoes National Park for Rwanda safari tours.

On the other hand, in case you are coming from a safari-holiday in Botswana or even Namibia, you may fly from Johannesburg into Nairobi by South African Airways, and sfter connect to Kigali using Kenya Airways following an overnight in Nairobi.

Traveling from the USA

Coming from the United States of America, there are a number of decisions you have to make regarding your flight to Rwanda. The two most common options are:


Option One

You organize your return flights USA to London and the London to USA.

A local travel agent organizes your flight from London to Rwanda and return from Rwanda to London


Using the local travel agents is a great option since they offer amazing rates for flights into Africa. We can also utilize low add-on rates for internal flights within the African continent, linked to your international flight ticket. However, make sure you have enough time to connect to your flight to Africa in London.


Option Two

You organize your flights from USA to Rwanda and then from Rwanda to the USA, for example through London, and inform a local agent here about your arrival time.

The local travel agent here in Rwanda will organize all your ground transfers while in Rwanda by road.


This is also a good idea especially if you are traveling direct from USA; for instance on the service connecting Atlanta to Johannesburg. In case you decide to organize your own transnational flights through South Africa, then it is better if you in addition reserve any linking flights, making use of the very people that will organize your overseas flight (for example: connecting between Johannesburg and Kenya’s capital Nairobi, or Nairobi and Rwanda’s Kigali).


By doing this you reduce the possibility of a flight being cancelled or even delayed.

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African Safari Flight

Air Burundi, (8Y) Avenue des Mille Collines.
Tel/Fax: +250 572113.

Akagera Aviation, Kanombe Airport,
Tel: +250 520927, Fax: +250 520928,
Mob: +250 08308382

British Airways, (BA) Tel: +250 577777, 578560.
Ethiopian Airlines, (ET) Centenary House Place de la Constitution/
Avenue de la Paix, Tel: +250 575045, +250 570440/42, 514296,
Fax: +250 570441.

Kenya Airways, (KQ) Avenue des Collines.
Tel: +250 577972, 501652 Fax: +250 576426.

Rwandair Express, (WB), Centenary House,
Avenue de la Paix, Tel: +250503687,503690/1/2/3,
Fax: +250 503686. Sales: +250 503689.

Silverback Cargo Freighters, Kanombe
International Airport, Tel/Fax: +250 516322.

South African Airways, (SA) Boulvard de la
Revolution  Tel: +250 577777, 578560,
Fax: +250 578565

SN Brussels Airlines, (SN) Hotel des Mille Collines.
Tel: +250 575290.

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