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The ministry of sport and culture in Rwanda acknowledges sports as one of the best communal transition along with advancement of the country.Sport is well known for its great benefits that include good health, fitness and still makes a lot of wealth to the people and the country at large.Rwanda for such a long time has been known as the sporting nation due to the effort done by the government to provid and support sport and this is in various categories which include sports for women,sports for the disabled as well as sports in different cultural disciples that has promoted the country.

Sporting benefits of Rwanda

Rwanda sports has gained its fame since 2003,and then becoming the prominent sporting nation.The ministry of sports in Rwanda is working hard to promote the participation of sports  to all classes of people basically from communities,public servants in addition to school children.Rwanda sport has been boosted right away from the grassroots and this has yield a lot of success to the country.Its among the reasons that has helped the country to unite as one family and to keep peace and harmony.The most exciting aspect is that Rwanda team has been able to participate in the national as well as international sporting functions for instance the Olympics along with the African cup of National.Because of the competitive benefits involved sport,Rwanda participates in several and these include long distance running,biking,tennis,volley ball,basketball and the favourable sport football.

The government of Rwanda with so much excitement is planning to construct  a sports building called artificial football pitches that is likely to take about three years.The president is appreciated for the usual donation contrituted to sports events for example the kigali international marathon and many others.The Kagame club championship has been supported by the president and recently recieved a large sum of money that was taken as extra funding.

Rwanda’s national football team happened to participate in the African Nation’s cup in Tunisia and that was in 2004.Since then the team has been accepted to participate in the Africa Championship tournament in suden come 2011.Rwanda’s volleyball along with basketball has been participating in the championships held after two years.

Exclusive tournaments along with events

Rwanda as country has been acknowledged for its tourism as well as many tournaments both local and international level.In 2009,Rwanda team played with the leagues in Europe and this was a great achievemnet.In the same year,it hosted the African cup of Nations and this has to be done come Jan 2011.In October 2010,Rwanda hosted both basketball and volleyball tournaments both local and international.2011 is likely to be a blessing year to Rwanda since they are going to hostTour of Rwanda,Africa Championship,tennis,ITF Men Futures as well as Kigali Marathon that is liked by every citizen of Rwanda.Furthermore Rwanda organised  military games that drew many countries such as Burundi,Tanzania,Kenya along with Uganda to participate in netball,handball as well as boxing which lead to the great adevelopment of the country.

Other Rwanda sports include rugby,cycling,netball rally driving in addition to cricket ara among the sports that have gained fame to Rwanda since 2003.Besides the development of the country,Rwandans use sports to maintain their bodies health and fit and this has also helped to reduce on rate of some diseases that affect people.The government of Rwanda has called upon people to exercise so as to keep fit and as a result,many gyms are fullly occupied with people as if they are getting ready for the national competition.Big up to Rwanda and its wonderful government that takes care of its people.

Its one of the most loved sport in Rwanda,This game takes place at the Amahoro National Stadium

Rwanda has a field of about 18 holes of golf course and its located far a way from the city centre.Besides is a Gorilla Nest Hotel that is soon going to be opened.Another Golf club include that of Nyarutarama across Kitante Road.

Gorilla trekking
Gorilla trekking is such  a great activity done in Rwanda and the only way to access it is through getting a permit.Permits are reserved from Rwanda Tourism Board Offices in Kigali or probably Ruhengeri.

Rwandaise du Tourisme et des Parcs
Nationaux (ORTPN) , The Rwanda Tourism Board, Boulevard de la Révolution n° 1,
PO Box 905, Kigali,
Rwanda, Tel +250 576514 or 573396, Fax +250 576515,

Health or Gyms
Cercle Sportif,
Mille Collines Hotel,
Tel: +250 576530,
Fax: +250 576541

Nyarutarama Tennis Club
Tel:+250 587009,

Rafiki Health Club,
Tel: +250 510388 / 577024

Mountain biking will give you all the chances to enjoy the scenery of Rwanda along with the thousand hills and valleys that sound it.Biking as well as hiking is enable you to visit the distant villages crossing the entire country.

Mercator Assistance Tours & Travel,
Tel: +250 520414,
Fax: +250 520414,+250788306830 / 0788566159,

Novotel Umubano,
Boulevard de L’Umuganda,
Tel: +250 582176/582177/583361.

Novotel Umubano,
Boulevard de L’Umuganda,
Tel: +250 585816,
Fax: +250 582957

Mille Collines Hotel,
Tel: +250 57653
Nyarutarama Tennis Club

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